Enze Architects believes that real harmony in born in the point where architecture, history and personality meet. Than unique and refined designs are born. With over 10 years of experience in realization of private and urban planning projects as well as a concept development for public buildings Enze Architects pays distinctive attention to each detail.
One of the activities of our company is a creation of architectural projects and concepts.
We design beautiful shapes in space. Architecture and interior design, art objects and compositions.
Due to personified approach of Enze Architects team each created design has own very distinctive character. And though none of them repeats another, one can undoubtfully recognize the creator by clean and elegant lines, unexpected accents, fresh solutions. Most of them have been awarded with world prestigious awards: NYX Design Awards 2022, German Design Awards 2022, Archiproductis Awards 2020, Archiproductis 2021 received. Stand for Salone del Mobile. Milano 2022 – in production
In order to give individual touch to each design created, Natalia Enze the founder of Enze Architects personally picks works of art to fit the idea of the space. Some of those are created by her own.
Each project of Enze Architects has a unique character. Pieces of interior design created by Enze Architects Design Atelier with time gathered into capsule collections. The producers of each piece are carefully selected by Natalia Enze personally to ensure that the idea will be perfectly materialized into each piece, Created by Enze Architects Design Atelier. Those peaces have been awarded by NYX Design Awards 2021, Archiproducts Awards 2021 and German Design Awards 2022.
The team designs interesting construction solutions to solve an author's tasks in structural units. We combine, knit and weave all components of the design. Individual approach to the project – is a foundation of teamwork.
One of the main parts of teamwork is creation of individual items, collaboration with top factories and participation in worldwide exhibitions and awards.
Natalia Enze is the founder of Enze Architects. Natalia was born in Moscow and completed Master's degree in Architecture in Moscow Architectural Institute. After that many years of travel and work in different parts of the world followed and finally brought to foundation of Enze Architects Bureau in Milano city center where the company is operating for more than 10 years by now. Natalia as a person very attentive to detail takes part in every process run by the company. This personified approach guarantees exclusive and unrepeatable design.
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